Thursday, October 05, 2006

Grace Hopper WIC

Grace Hopper WIC

I just attended the Women of Color Luncheon. It was not about the eating, but hearing how other WOC solve similar issues that we face. The brainstorming will be used to feed future projects in Leadership, Mentoring and other areas. Our table discussed mentoring at length. Because I have no academic employment experience, it was very interesting to hear of the dichotomy between academia and industry. In fact it is a recurring theme at the conference. I support researchers and academics, so I am learning a lot about my clients.

Nice Job Stephanie and team! I look forward to keeping in touch with the women at Table 11 and others.
On the ground in beautiful San Diego
Funny thing about expectations, they set the tone for everything. My trip thus far has been interesting, all because of the link between experience and expectations.

I expected my flight to be on time--Nope. I expected correct info from United regarding the correct departure time of this flight--Nope. I expected to be able to check my bag--Nope. I expected to be able to use the toothpaste and other packed toiletries--Nope. Because yesterday, you may have experienced a similar fate at the hands of the Travel Wizards, I will leave it at that.

What are your expectations of Grace Hopper 2006? Because this is my first Grace Hopper, I don't really have many. Just leaving the plenary speech this morning and the Opening Reception last night, I can say that I (we) am /are off to a great start. The wonderful thing about influential women, is that they are still women. That said, connecting with new people and learning about them their careers is easy as a result. Because there are so many people here, the inclination may be to hesitate, don't. Just jump right in!

What have I learned by 10 in the morning? The relationship between research/academia and industry, and confirmed my suspicions with facts regarding the missing populations in Technology.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On my way to San Diego

I am really looking forward to the Grace Hoppers WIC Conference. I work in a heavily male dominated environment, and connecting with Women is an important part of my ongoing development. All of our ongoing development!

See you on the West Coast!